Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Mechanicalized brain of Nicola Tesla (in a jar)

Our hero has been reduced to mechanical version of his former self through pride and terrible decisions-making. At first he does not understand what has happened. He finds he can haltingly control a mechanical claw where once he had arms. His brass eye stalks slide in and out as his mind struggles to learn how his new optics work. They are not nearly as finely milled as the natural eyes he once owned. He looks around to see a featureless place. Only one item is there. It lies in front of him. His body, if it can be called that, lurches toward the fuzzy outline of an object on the floor. After several minutes he manages to control each degree of freedom on his mechanical limb. He stretches it out and plucks the out-of-focus prize. It is only when the item is placed close enough to his nearsighted lenses that he realizes what it is and recoils in horror.

Tesla had many idiosyncrasies. None were more amusing to me personally than his fear of spherical objects.


Jer said...

Ah dear Jesse. We haven't spoken in many years and I can see you coming miles away. And welcomed with open arms, I might add. I have so missed these frictionless insights matriculating me from normal to myself. Thanks. Keep posting.

vallehackel said...

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