Sunday, June 15, 2008

Phirst Post

What's Phinal Phriday? Inspired by such artiface as 48 Hour Film Project, Instant Films, Fast & Loose and others, I decided PHUI might be a nice venue to once a month challenge my friends for some creative output.

So the last Friday of each month I'll be posting (and likely emailing prospective participants) a challenge. They'll post their results here by some point that Sunday. Their creations can be anything from comic strips to plays, short films, songs, poems, fiction, or whatever--so long as it keeps with whatever parameters I've thrown at you (or even if they don't... this isn't a contest, so really, no rules).

I'm thinking that all entries should also be licensed under Creative Commons Share-Alike license to encourage building derivative works and collaborative world-building from month to month.

More later.


seejaekae said...

This ought to be good.

Jer said...

So this would be once a month? Is that enough? I mean, its not a good idea to put a cork in an elephant's butt. So to speak. I mean, in this case, the elephant's butt would be our brains. I don't know, maybe a cork is a good idea. Smelly though.