Thursday, June 26, 2008

Phirst Phinal Phriday!!!

Is it Friday yet? Eh, close enough. So sharpen your pencils, dust off your vocal chords, get that sand out of your eyes and get ready to do something creative.

Your challenge for this weekend?

Mechanicalize something idiosyncratic

Easy, no?

Interpret that HOWEVER you want. Give me a song. A short story. A film. A poem. A drawing. SOME creative output that somehow either expresses that concept, or reflects it, or bends it into a tight knot that you'd have to gnaw at with your teeth to undo.

If I've already got you on the author list, you've got until some time late Sunday to submit your entries to this blog by logging in to and creating a post on the Phinal Phriday blog. If you're not an author yet, let me know you want to be one, and I'll get you hooked up when I can. (I'm leaving town on Saturday and I'm not sure what my net access will be like for the next week or so...)

So, GO!!!

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